The Breakup

Day 1.

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU.  Putting my story on the internet is scary AF and I appreciate your attendance.

I thought a good place to start is explaining why I’m here and why the hell I’m sharing my story. (The downward spiral of how I got here will come later, I promise.)

I’m here because I broke up with my best friend recently.  My best friend was by my side for most of my adult life.  There to celebrate or to console.  There when I had a big event or no event at all. We had an ideal partnership and it has been the hardest of relationships to let go. My best friend was alcohol.



I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, I consider myself a pretty shitty writer.  I share my story here because it’s therapeutic.  If people actually read it and find any enjoyment in it, that’s great.  If I can be someone that helps even one other person, sharing my story here will have all been worth it.

I am not doing this for money or fame or attention.  This is NOT easy or cool or cute. But it is necessary.


I curse a LOT, so if cursing offends you this is probably not the blog for you.


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