Hello and Welcome!

I’m @soberwitch and this is my blog. I’m a wife and mother to two young kids. I live in a nice, quiet town in Massachusetts. I have a lovely home and a traditional family. I don’t like labels, but if I were to use one it would be ‘raging alcoholic’.

Of course, one doesn’t wake up one day an alcoholic. It’s a progressive shit show of a disease.  For me, it started innocently enough- in high school with friends.  Then onto college where I learned to master binge drinking (mostly via a game called power hour and funneling bud lights).  Next was my twenties which were spent in different areas of MA, predominantly Boston. I partied with friends on the weekends and *mostly seemed to drink just as much as everyone else.  I got married and had some babies.  Now I was part of the mommy wine culture.  Isn’t it cute how we all get drunk on play dates?  How we’re too hungover to take care of our kids? How we can’t seem to do much of anything without a cocktail? For many years I looked like a large percentage of other women in my age bracket- checking boxes of both personal and professional accomplishments all with a wine glass in hand.

But, at some point I went from drinking alongside friends to outdrinking them . I went from a few drinks a night to not being able to count the drinks I consumed.  A few nights a week turned into every night. Confidence melted away to self doubt.  Friends turned to enemies.

I use this blog as a journal to document what I’ve learned about addiction, sobriety and recovery.  I utilize this space to write about events and emotions that I would have otherwise suppressed. It’s NOT pretty, but it IS honest.

*The events on this blog are MY interpretations of what has occurred over the course of my life. I write about them the best I can, based on my memories. If you were present for any of the documented tales and see it differently, go write a blog about it.  This is MY blog.  MY STORY.  And I hope you’ll stick around to read it.