Welcome, sister.

Are you tired of waking up in a state of hangover panic- wondering the what, where and hows of the previous evening?

Are you tired of promising yourself that you won’t drink EVER again, only to drink again that very night?

Have you wondered what a sober life would be like, but then immediately told yourself ‘I COULD NEVER’.

I know how you feel , sweetie, because I once sat exactly where you are right now.  I scoured the internet for women who were ‘normal’, but who also struggled. I searched for connection that I wasn’t finding at meetings. And when the internet came up short, I created Sober Witch. A movement that aims to change the way we look at alcohol and heal from addiction.

Aside form this blog, I also have an Insta (@soberwitch) and am the creator of Sober Sister Circle- a sacred space where women gather as their most authentic selves to connect, learn and love.

This site will allow you to get to know me, and my story, very well.  I hope I have the same opportunity to get to know you. Please use the contact page to stay in the loop about upcoming events and offerings.

Welcome to the Sisterhood. You’re going to love it here.