The Beginning

Day 7.

I never thought in A MILLION years that I would ever be here, writing. (I suck at writing!) And forget about writing about sobriety (I REALLY suck at being sober!)

The first few days of this challenge were AH-MAZE-ING. It was quite refreshing to wake up without a hangover.  I didn’t have to check my phone to see what kind of damage I had done by texting and calling people in the midst of a blackout.  I didn’t have to check the kitchen to see what I had eaten when I was so drunk I couldn’t even taste.  I didn’t have to worry about facing my husband with the shaming questions running through my head: ‘will he be mad at me?’ ‘did I do or say something stupid?’. I had energy and focus and, for the first time in a very long time, I had hope.


I took over the chore of walking the dog- something my husband and I usually split and during those walks I would listen to sobriety podcasts.  Episode after episode after episode of women JUST LIKE ME.

I read memoirs of alcoholic women and joined about a dozen sobriety Facebook pages.  I also started my own Instagram account @soberwitch. When I started, I committed to 100 days alcohol free and I dove into it with the same enthusiasm that I once reserved for getting wasted.

Unfortunately for me, that euphoric feeling only lasted through the first week.  Then shit got real. It was like the lid to the garbage pail had fallen off and all my inner trash was spilling out everywhere.


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