The Magic in Recovery: Sacred Tools for Healing

The next Sober Sister event is here! I am thrilled to be partnering with my friend and woo sister, Bri McCorkell for this event of learning, loving and connecting.

Here is everything you need to know…

Are you craving connection with yourself + other sober sisters in a feel good way?  Want to create space for yourself to explore new, sacred tools for healing from addiction? Are you longing to bring your recovery into the light?

We know we are, honey, and that’s why we’re hosting for this workshop for you….

Join Renee + Bri for The Magic in Recovery: Sacred Tools for Healing 

You will walk away from this workshop with…

  • 5 spiritual tools aka recovery resources you can use every day to get back in tune with what feels really GOOD (crystals, tarot cards, alters, smudging-oh my!)
  • An understanding of how to tap into your intuition (aka your inner GPS) + how you can use in your own daily life to guide you towards the true YOU
  • How to drop the (often invisible) limiting beliefs around your recovery that are holding you back from life you deserve.

+Time will also be provided for relaxing, connecting, nature walks and Q+A.

+Light snacks and drinks will be provided.

+You’ll also receive gift bags and have the opportunity to win coaching sessions and Sober Sister Circle tickets .

Let’s get the spiritual party started and spend a sacred sober day together. 

Cost: $79


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