Reflections before Intentions

Day 190.

It’s almost 2019. We’re a few short days away as I type this.  This is our time time to look forward.  To set goals. Intentions. Resolutions. How can I make myself better?  Where are my deficits?  Where am I failing? What don’t I have?

But here’s the thing… Somewhere in the New Year’s frenzy, we forget to look back on  how far we’ve come.  At what we have accomplished. We dismiss the act of looking at where we are NOW.

Did you catch that number at the top of the page?  I am 190 days fucking sober. Over 6 MONTHS. Are you even kidding me? Before I started my sober pilgrimage, I could not image one week without alcohol. I would see people post about 3 or 4 months sober and think ‘I could never make it’.  And guess what?  I did.  And then some.  And I’m still fucking going.

Not only that, but I took major steps in self work as a result of being sober.  I’ve looked at my behaviors and at my relationships and, for the first time, saw how I (gasp!) contribute to the circumstances of my life.

Some other notable events…I went to a SheRecovers conference this year…across the country…alone (it was awesome, btw).  I made (the BEST) sober fiends. I started new job that I LOVE. I have stepped onto my spiritual path in a MAY-JOR way. I got a therapist and started going to meetings. I started this blog and an Instagram page. I was interviewed on three podcasts.  I hosted a Sober Sister Circle.

I have done/ accomplished/ gained A LOT in 2018. And if you’re reading this, I’ll bet you have to.

So before we get all ‘2019 is my year’, let’s look at the ways that 2018 was fucking awesome. Let’s reflect on the lessons we’ve learned and the people we’ve met. Let’s look at how far we’ve come and celebrate the shit out of ourselves.

Be grateful. Be proud.  And then, AND ONLY THEN, let’s go ahead and make 2019 our bitch.



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