Why Labor Day is my New Years (and why it should be yours too!)

As a former educator, Labor Day always signified a new start. September brought on energy of excitement and organization. My classroom always got a facelift over the summer and it sat waiting to welcome its new students. I, too, was buzzing, anxious to meet my new students and get the year started. Each new school year was an opportunity to start fresh. It was a chance to do even better than I had the year before. To me, Labor Day always felt more like New Years than January 1st did.

And this ‘Labor Day is the new New Years’ energy continued long after my teaching career ended. And it actually makes perfect sense. The fall season is one of harvesting and organizing. We are a little less carefree than we were in the summer. It’s is a time of tuning into our bodies and reflect. The cold weather clothes come out and we’re prepping to get our kids back to school. Essentially, we’re getting our shit together.

With all of this in mind, Fall is the perfect time to set goals. It, seasonally, makes way more sense than setting a goal on (cold, dark) January 1st.

“Fall has always been my favorite season.  The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” 

― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

It is no accident that my first program, The Sobriety Experiment, is launching on Labor Day. It intuitively felt like the best time to birth this into the world. And while women can join ANYtime, the first group of women being initiated in the fall feels divinely orchestrated.

The Sobriety Experiment is a program for the sober curious or anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol. This is an opportunity to ‘try on’ sobriety. This program encourages women to own their stories, to learn their patterns and work through shame and doubt. At the end of the 100 day experiment women find renewed confidence, a deep understanding of who they are and why they turned to substance in the first place.

Of course, this course is an investment and if you are struggling with investing in yourself, I encourage you to watch my video on this topic here.

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